It should be stated up front that this is not the most comprehensive regarding a Cebu tourist guide. What is intended here is to give you a look at one of the most beautiful places you will ever have the opportunity to visit on earth. A place where you will find that offers you a safe and enjoyable place to visit, where you can have peace and solitude, yet see sites and events that will pique the interest of your heart, and make you smile every time you think of your vacation. In essence, I want you to have a guide to Cebu that will show you why you want to come to the region of the world.

Is it safe to travel to Cebu Philippines?

How Safe is Cebu City

Before getting into some of the sites and events that you will want to see, no Cebu tourism guide, or guide to any area on the planet, would be complete without ensuring that your fears or concerns are alleviated from the start. Travelling to a foreign region anywhere on the globe can be concerning, because you may not know anything about the people, the culture, or the criminal activity.

This is a place where you can find lots of safety in visiting. It is an area that has a strong police force, a population that is friendly and welcoming, and all of the amenities that make you feel right at home. In many places around the globe, you have to worry about large groups of tourists attracting a criminal element. However, because Cebu and many other areas around the Philippines have not become as popular with tourists, you don’t see that kind of detail here. This is why it is a fantastic place to visit.

Where is Cebu in the Philippines?

Cebu in the Philippines Map
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Cebu is located in the Visayas area of the Philippines. It is right in the heart of the island region, meaning that the islands around it offer a protection from strong currents, making it ideal for those who love to swim or spend time in the water. You will also find that potentially dangerous forms of sea life don’t usually come to this island, because of where it is situated.

The island covers about 1.8 mi.² and is the ninth largest island in the Philippines. There are about 3.5 million people that lived there, and it is an area that is covered by some of the most beautiful beaches the globe has to offer, and you will also find that fishing is unbelievable here. There is also a large coal mining industry on the island.

There are two seasons in Cebu – a dry and a wet season. The dry season lasts from June to December, with the rains coming from January through May. Typhoons are rare in this area but do happen on occasion. The average temperature is about 97°, with the coolest temperatures occurring between March and May, when it reaches about 64° most of the day.

What are the Islands Near Cebu Philippines?

Islands Near Cebu Philippines

There are a large number of islands that are directly around Cebu. To the east, you will find Leyte and Bohol, and to the West, there is Negros Occidental and Negros Oriental. Each of these islands offers fantastic sites and natural beauty for you to be able to visit, and some tours leave from Cebu that takes you to these islands to visit each day.

The longer you can stay in the region, the more opportunity you will have to visit these locations. They are indeed spots that offer you a lot of flora and fauna that you have probably not seen anywhere near where you live. This is why so many spend a week or more within the area so that they can take in as much of the beauty of the Philippines as possible.

Also, there are four different bodies of water that surround the island. These include the Visayan Sea, Camotes Sea, the Cebu Strait, and the Tenon Strait. Each of these bodies of water offers fantastic areas to go swimming, as well as an excellent opportunity to catch an abundance of fish. You may find that you want to catch and cook your meals, and this is quite easy to do in any one of these bodies of water.


Where to go in Cebu Philippines?

This Cebu City travel guide will help you to find great places to stay, eat, and visit while you are visiting Cebu. For hotels, there are some fantastic places to visit whether you want to be along the beach area or more inland.

A Hotel must be just 30-45 minutes from the airport and provides very comfortable rooms, a buffet that is offered each night for dinner, and a lot of the amenities that you have come to expect when staying in a hotel in the United States. This must have a good Internet connection, a business centre, and an outstanding room that provides a comfortable bed.

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When you are checking for a hotel it must have the importance of spacious rooms, and visitors will love the breakfast buffet that is offered each morning. This must be a very quaint looking hotel, which is one of the more stylish on the island. There are not a large number of rooms, which means you can enjoy lots of solitude and peace all staying in the hotel.

Where to go in cebu Philippines

One of the great activities that you will want to do while staying in Cebu is to island hop. There are many great locations around Cebu to visit, including Olango Island, Virgin Island, and Bantayan Island. There are cruise ships to go to these islands each day and provide lunch for you when you arrive. During your time there you can lay out on the beach, swim in the waters, feed the fish or birds, surf, kayak, and do a huge number of other activities that you will love and enjoy.

The Kawasan Falls is one place in Cebu that you will surely want to visit. It is one of the most beautiful places that you can imagine going to and allows you the opportunity to camp out overnight there, underneath the falls or near other camping sites around the water. The water is a beautiful blue, more spectacular than you can imagine.

Around the area, there are great restaurants that offer some of the best sweet-and-sour food you have ever tasted. You will also love the different kinds of spices and cuisine that are offered. While there are some traditional foods from other countries that you will find here, such as Italian, American, and French, it is the Filipino cuisine that is spectacular. You will also like the fact that the fish that is offered in their dishes is likely to have been caught that very morning.

Cebu is to island hop

To get around in the city, buses cost about $0.30 for you to ride. They travelled to all of the critical areas around the island, meaning that you can see everything and get to any location on your agenda.

Some of the historical structures that you will want to visit include Fort San Pedro, the Cebu Taoist Temple, Plaza Independencia de Cebu, and the Cebu Metropolitan Cathedral. You not only can view incredible religious structures that date back hundreds of years, but other buildings make this trip something that will leave you in awe.

The Itinerary Budget

The great thing is that different tours afford you the opportunity to get to this island, which put you up in a hotel and send you on tours each day that allows you to enjoy the full beauty of the Isle of Cebu.

The Cebu itinerary three days budget started when you arrived at the island, providing you transportation to your hotel. You will then get to witness the sunrise in Oslob before beginning an incredible backpacking trip, that includes a boat ride and dinner. All of this for just pennies on what you would pay if you are on a tour and another country. Over your three day excursion, you will see whale sharks, visit the Kawasan Falls, have lunch and dinner at some of the most fantastic restaurants, and visit the Simala Church.

Cebu Itinerary

There is also a Cebu itinerary five days budget tour which gives you all of the locations that you would see on the 3-day tour plus additional locations. You will visit all of the historical religious structures, including visiting several Buddhist temples, churches, and other institutions that are unbelievably beautiful. There are visits to other islands around the area, and you will have a fantastic meal at the Lantaw Floating Restaurant. It truly is amazing what you will get to see on either one of these two tours, and is one reason why you will want to make Cebu the destination for your next vacation.