Osmena Peak Cebu Trip: A Place to Get Back to Nature

For those who love to backpack, there are special places on earth that provide majestic scenery, a fantastic region to walk through, and challenging hills that make it something beyond words.

For a person who loves the great outdoors or just having a long drive to Moalboal Cebu, they want to get back to nature and to be able to enjoy what the planet has to offer without having it ruined by man-made intervention. This is why so many are finding Osmena Peak Cebu as the absolute perfect destination.

A Little About Osmena Peak

Osmena Peak Cebu Travel Guide

If you are unfamiliar with this area, it’s a spot that you really will want to visit. With an incredible green plant life and jagged hills, this peak offers you the incredible combination of both beauty and challenge.

The peak is located along the shorelines of Badain and is the twin of the Chocolate Hills of Bohol. Located around the peak are fantastic villages that offer you an amazing array of shops, restaurants, and places to stay, destinations that you will find cost you literally a small fraction in comparison to what you would spend virtually anywhere else on the planet.

If you viewed an Osmena Peak travel guide, you would find that there is a whole lot to like about this destination. It starts with the fantastic beauty that is available, including a walk right near the Kawasan Falls. This is one of the most beautiful waterways that you will find, and offers you an amazing campsite as well where you can spend the night in one of the most beautiful places on earth, where freshwater is literally feet away from your campsite. You not only can swim, but enjoy it in one of the most majestic locations, that offers you a peace and serenity few places on earth can offer.

Of course, the weather is something you will truly love. Because of the Philippines located upon the globe, you will love the fact that the temperatures in this mountain region never truly reach below 40°, and you don’t have to worry about excessive heat either. It’s a spot where you can enjoy being outdoors without the oppressive humidity or the frigid cold.

How to get to Osmena Peak from Cebu City

This trip would be a gigantic obstacle where it not for the easy ability to get from Cebu City two regions around Osmena Peak that give you easy access to the peak. Heading from the airport, it takes you about three hours to reach the villages that are located around the peak, and cost you no more than a couple of dollars to be able to do so.

how to get to osmena peak from cebu

There are several landmark spots that provide you with places to stay, places to eat, as well as gift shops where you can get fantastic items to take with you, including items that will help you in your journey up the peak. It truly is an experience that you will find one-of-a-kind, and made more enjoyable by the ease of arriving at your destination.

Best Osmena Peak itinerary

While you are more than welcome to enjoy your trip there on your own or in a group, there are also fantastic tours that you can take part in that allow you to camp, hike, and get to see the amazing views and spectacles that Osmena Peak has to offer.

There are guided tours that start from a few different places around the peak, but the two that stand out the most are the ones from Oslob and Badian. The Oslob trip offers you the opportunity for a hike or a ride renting a motorbike. The cost to rent a bike is about $10, and allows you to reach the peak in about one hour’s period of time.

From this starting point, you will get to see amazing destinations, and can even camp out overnight for about three dollars a person. There are tour guides to show you how to get through the region, including on your motorbike, and you can also have a guide to remain with you overnight.

Best Osmena Peak itinerary
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Badian offers you the ability to get to the Kawasan Falls a little more easily, and is a site you definitely want to visit. This is truly one of the most beautiful locations you will find anywhere, with unbelievably blue waters, fantastic foliage, and spots to lay out or swim. There is no doubt that you would find this absolutely breathtaking, and you have the capability to camp out overnight here as well.


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