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24 Hour Restaurants Cebu: Savor the City’s Best Eats

When I crave food at any hour in Cebu, there’s a variety of 24 hour restaurants to choose from. Matias Inato Food Haus impresses with its BBQ dishes and mango shakes. Braddex is perfect for comforting Chinese cuisine like steamed fried rice. Yellow Cab Pizza Co. in eBloc Tower 2 offers the crowd-pleasing Four Seasons pizza. Muvanz Pocherohan and Seafoods at Century Plaza showcases delectable seafood dishes. These top spots cater to different tastes ensuring delicious meals anytime.

Find out more about late-night eats, all-day dining, and round-the-clock eateries to plan your food adventures in 24 Hour Restaurants Cebu.

Key Takeaways

  • Matias Inato Food Haus offers savory BBQ dishes and mango shakes, including chicken BBQ and chorizo.
  • Braddex is a popular 24/7 Chinese food hub serving comforting cuisine like steamed fried rice and siomai.
  • Yellow Cab Pizza Co. at eBloc Tower 2 provides a variety of pizzas, including the famous Four Seasons pizza.
  • Muvanz Pocherohan and Seafoods at Century Plaza specializes in seafood dishes like scallops and pochero.
  • Enjoy diverse options in Cebu for BBQ, pizza, seafood, and coffee, with spots like Starbucks for midnight feasts.

Top 24 Hour Restaurants in Cebu

When craving around-the-clock dining options in Cebu, Matias Inato Food Haus stands out as a top choice with its savory BBQ dishes and creamy mango shakes. Whether it’s satisfying those midnight munchies or indulging in some early morning bites, this spot has you covered. The aroma of perfectly grilled meats wafts through the air as you step inside, setting the stage for a culinary experience that promises to delight your taste buds.

The BBQ dishes at Matias Inato Food Haus are a revelation, with tender cuts of meat marinated in flavorful spices and grilled to perfection. Each bite is a symphony of smoky, savory goodness that will have you coming back for more. Pair these delectable dishes with their invigorating mango shakes, and you have a winning combination that hits all the right notes.

The ambiance at Matias Inato Food Haus is laid-back and inviting, perfect for those late-night cravings when all you want is a comforting meal in a cozy setting. The staff is friendly and attentive, adding to the overall dining experience. So, the next time you find yourself in Cebu with a hankering for some delicious BBQ and invigorating mango shakes, make your way to Matias Inato Food Haus for a culinary journey that will leave you satisfied and planning your next visit.

Late-Night Eats in Cebu City

24 Hour Restaurants Cebu

Matias Inato Food Haus may be a top choice for 24-hour dining in Cebu, but when it comes to late-night eats in Cebu City, a myriad of options awaits those seeking post-party sustenance. Late-night cravings are easily satisfied in Cebu, with spots like Silogan ni Gian offering quick and tasty silog-style meals perfect for fueling up after a night out on the town.

The allure of Tazza Cafe and Patisserie in Banilad lies not only in its coffee but also in its calming ambiance, making it an ideal spot for winding down with light snacks post-party.

For those seeking budget-friendly options, Pancit Cantonan sa Ramos near Cebu’s bustling clubs is a must-visit. Here, you can indulge in satisfying silog meals that won’t break the bank before heading home. If you find yourself in Cebu over the weekend, a trip to Sugbo Mercado is a must. This vibrant night market showcases a diverse range of cuisines, offering the perfect setting for post-party feasting with friends.

In Cebu City, the night is young, and the options for late-night eats are plentiful, catering to both locals and tourists looking to satiate their post-party hunger pangs.

All-Day Dining Spots in Cebu

cebu s top dining destinations

Cebu is renowned for its vibrant culinary scene, boasting a plethora of all-day dining spots that cater to diverse palates and preferences. Here are five must-visit spots in Cebu for those looking to enjoy delicious meals throughout the day:

  • Abaca Baking Company: Perfect for early morning breakfast, this cozy bakery offers a wide selection of freshly baked goods, hearty breakfast options, and specialty coffee to kickstart your day.
  • La Vie Parisienne: Indulge in delectable pastries, sandwiches, and salads at this charming French bakery and wine library, ideal for a leisurely brunch or a light lunch.
  • Anzani: For a sophisticated dining experience, Anzani serves up Mediterranean cuisine with stunning views of the city. Enjoy their sumptuous dishes for a delightful lunch or dinner.
  • Tavolata: Craving Italian cuisine? Tavolata is the place to be. With a menu featuring homemade pasta, wood-fired pizzas, and decadent desserts, it’s a great spot for a satisfying dinner.
  • Ipar’s Restaurante Y Bar de Tapas: This Spanish-inspired restaurant offers a variety of tapas, paellas, and other Spanish delights, perfect for a late-night feast or midnight snacks with friends.

These all-day dining spots in Cebu promise a culinary journey filled with diverse flavors and memorable dining experiences.

Cebu’s Round-the-Clock Eateries

24 7 dining spots cebu

Around the clock, Cebu pulsates with a diverse selection of eateries catering to late-night cravings, offering a tantalizing array of cuisines to satisfy every palate. Whether craving midnight munchies or early morning bites, Cebu’s round-the-clock eateries have you covered. From Filipino delicacies to Chinese favorites and fresh seafood, these 24-hour restaurants guarantee that hunger knows no time constraints in this vibrant city.

Matias Inato Food Haus stands out as a popular choice, renowned for its delicious BBQ dishes and creamy mango shakes served round the clock. If you’re in the mood for something familiar, international chains like Starbucks and Yellow Cab Pizza Co. are well-known establishments that welcome diners 24/7 in Cebu, making sure you can grab a coffee or a slice of pizza whenever the craving strikes.

For those seeking comforting Chinese cuisine at any hour, Braddex is a late-night spot that delivers on taste and variety. The bustling energy of Cebu’s round-the-clock eateries mirrors the city’s lively spirit, providing a haven for food enthusiasts looking to indulge in tasty treats at any time of the day or night.

Where to Eat Anytime in Cebu

cebu dining guide available

Indulge in a culinary adventure that transcends time constraints by exploring the diverse 24-hour dining options sprinkled throughout Cebu. Whether you find yourself with midnight munchies or craving early morning feasts, Cebu has a variety of eateries ready to cater to your around-the-clock dining needs. Here are some top picks to satisfy your hunger anytime in Cebu:

  • Cebu’s Original Lechon Belly: Known for its succulent roasted pork belly, this spot offers a traditional taste of Cebu that you can enjoy at any hour.
  • Matias Inato Food Haus: Craving BBQ dishes late at night? Matias Inato Food Haus has got you covered with its flavorful offerings that will surely hit the spot.
  • Braddex: For comforting Chinese cuisine that’s available 24/7, Braddex is the go-to place in Cebu. Indulge in delicious dishes whenever your cravings strike.
  • Yellow Cab Pizza Co.: When the late-night pizza cravings kick in, Yellow Cab Pizza Co. is the perfect spot to grab a slice or a whole pie of satisfying pizza in the city.
  • Muvanz Pocherohan and Seafoods: Specializing in delectable seafood dishes, Muvanz is open round the clock, ensuring you can enjoy fresh seafood whenever you desire.

These diverse options make it possible for you to enjoy a flavorful meal no matter the time of day in the vibrant city of Cebu.

Cebu’s Non-Stop Food Joints

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With an array of delectable options available round the clock, exploring Cebu’s bustling food scene becomes a delightful adventure. When the late night munchies strike, Cebu’s all-night diners are ready to satisfy any craving. Matias Inato Food Haus stands out for its mouthwatering BBQ dishes, perfect for those looking to indulge in smoky flavors at any hour. Silogan ni Gian, a popular silog-style eatery in Cebu, offers quick and tasty meals in multiple branches across the city, making it a convenient choice for a satisfying meal anytime.

For a more laid-back experience, Tazza Cafe and Patisserie in Banilad provides a cozy ambiance, ideal for winding down after a night out. Enjoy a cup of coffee and light snacks in a relaxed setting, perfect for those seeking a peaceful retreat in the early hours. If Chinese cuisine is what you crave, Braddex is the go-to spot for comforting dishes like steamed fried rice and siomai, making sure that your late-night Chinese food fix is always within reach.

Yellow Cab Pizza Co. at eBloc Tower 2 is a beacon for pizza enthusiasts, open 24/7 and offering a wide range of pizzas to satisfy your cravings at any time. Whether it’s a classic pepperoni or a gourmet specialty, this spot makes sure that delicious pizza is just a call or visit away, catering to those late-night pizza hankerings. Cebu’s non-stop food joints truly cater to every taste bud, making the city a haven for foodies seeking culinary delights at all hours.

Dining Options Open 24/7 in Cebu

24 7 dining in cebu

Exploring the vibrant food scene of Cebu reveals a treasure trove of dining options that cater to late-night cravings, with a variety of establishments open 24/7 to satisfy every palate. Late-night cafes and 24/7 diners in Cebu offer a mix of flavors and cuisines to indulge in round the clock. Here are five top picks for those seeking delicious meals at any hour:

  • Starbucks: Convenient parking, 24-hour WiFi, and popular drinks like Caramel Macchiato make Starbucks a go-to spot for late-night customers looking for a caffeine fix or a cozy ambiance to unwind.
  • Yellow Cab Pizza Co.: Located at eBloc Tower 2, Yellow Cab Pizza Co. serves a variety of pizzas including the popular Four Seasons pizza, making it an ideal choice for satisfying late-night cravings with a slice of cheesy goodness.
  • Matias Inato Food Haus: Specializing in BBQ dishes like chicken BBQ and chorizo, this spot on AS Fortuna St also offers creamy mango shakes, providing a perfect combination for late-night dining indulgence.
  • Braddex: A popular 24/7 Chinese food hub in Cebu, Braddex is known for its steamed fried rice, siomai dishes, and comforting taste of Chinese cuisine, making it a great option for midnight snack cravings.
  • Muvanz Pocherohan and Seafoods: Open 24 hours at Century Plaza, Muvanz specializes in seafood dishes like scallops and delicious pochero, offering a wide range of late-night dining options for seafood enthusiasts in Cebu.

Around-the-Clock Restaurants in Cebu

24 7 dining spots in cebu

Sampling the diverse culinary offerings of Cebu at all hours reveals a rich tapestry of around-the-clock restaurants catering to late-night diners’ cravings. One standout option is Matias Inato Food Haus, where BBQ dishes and creamy mango shakes can be savored well into the night.

For those craving pizza during the wee hours, Yellow Cab Pizza Co. is a popular choice, offering a diverse menu including the crowd-favorite Four Seasons pizza.

Seafood enthusiasts can indulge in Muvanz Pocherohan and Seafoods, known for its delectable seafood dishes that cater to scallop lovers at any time of the day or night.

Starbucks in Cebu provides a cozy ambiance for midnight feasts, along with 24-hour WiFi connectivity for those seeking a caffeine fix in the late hours.

Whether it’s savoring smoky BBQ flavors, enjoying a slice of pizza, relishing fresh seafood, or sipping on a comforting cup of coffee, Cebu’s around-the-clock restaurants offer a delightful array of options to satisfy late-night cravings.


When it comes to finding a place to eat at any time of day or night in Cebu, you won’t be disappointed.

From late-night eats to all-day dining spots, Cebu offers a wide range of options for those looking for a delicious meal around the clock. Whether you’re craving local favorites or international cuisine, there are plenty of 24-hour restaurants in Cebu to satisfy your hunger anytime.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Is the Must-Try Cebuano Food?

Cebuano delicacies are a blend of flavors and traditions that must be explored. From food tours to street food experiences, the must-try Cebuano food includes Lechon, a traditional dish offering a unique and flavorful taste.

Is 3 Days Enough for Cebu?

Three days in Cebu provide a balanced experience exploring beaches, shopping districts, historical sites, and local cuisine. It’s enough to savor the city’s essence, but a longer stay allows for deeper immersion into its vibrant culture.

What Is the Best Pasalubong in Cebu?

When it comes to best pasalubong, Cebu offers unique delicacies like otap, dried mangoes, rosquillos, chicharon, and lechon. Each item showcases the region’s rich flavors and culinary expertise, making them perfect gifts for loved ones.

What Is the Culture of Cebu?

The culture of Cebu is a vibrant tapestry woven with festivals celebrating traditions, warm hospitality, and diverse cuisine. Festivals like Sinulog showcase religious fervor, while family values and community spirit run deep.

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