Travel Tips in Cebu
Top 10 Travel Tips When Traveling to Cebu

Traveling is one of those spices of life kind of things that can really make a person’s existence here on earth a lot better. This is even more true if they go to places that they dreamed they would never be able to go to, but now find that they have the opportunity to visit and enjoy the exotic opportunities that are available to them….

Cebu City Fuente Osmena
What to do in Cebu City? A Comprehensive Guide for travelers

A Question by many, Have you ever though in visiting cebu city without having a place to stay? I am Southpole Central Hotel and I would like to help you determine what are the places that you must know before visiting cebu city.. Here is some short list of tips that we can provide you before traveling to cebu city   1. Bring enough amount…

Cebu City
Best Tourist Spots In Cebu – Top 21 Awesome Tips and Guide By Experts

If there is one place in the Philippines that is worth a visit, it would be the province of Southern Cebu– located in the Visayas part of the Philippines and also called the Queen City of the South. This article is about the best of cebu’s tourist spots and will help you with your travels. Cebu is a place rich in history and culture. It…

Nikki with whaleshark
Cebu to Oslob: 38 Tips From Experience Travelers

Egypt is known for its ancient pyramids while the United States of America is known for its Statue of Liberty. The Philippines, on the other hand, is known for its whale watching destinations. Oslob Cebu happens to be one of those destinations. When traveling to Cebu, Oslob is a must-visit place. You, however, must be well-informed of the things you need to do and not…

Cebu to Dumaguete
Places That You Need to Visit When You Are in Dumaguete

Tourists are always flocking to stay in the picturesque Dumaguete City. Apart from being a university town, it’s also a gateway to the most popular tourist destinations that can be found in the Negros Oriental. Even though Dumaguete isn’t exactly the best-known city in the entire country, it has loads of tourist destinations to boast. After going whale-watching in Oslob, the dolphins in Dumaguete also…

Cebu Sinulog
54 Tips from Experienced Sinulog Enthusiast – 2018’s Must Know

The holidays are fast approaching, and you know what comes after that – the Sinulog Festival. You’ve seen it all on TV. You’ve probably heard people talking about it a couple of times before. You know all about the grand parade that happens every third Sunday of January, together with the revelers’ don Sinulog hats, face paint, and colorful Sinulog shirts that make the Sinulog…

Bantayan Island
From Cebu City to Bantayan Island: The Definitive Trek Guide

Off the northwestern coast of the province of Cebu lies Bantayan Island. Known for its spectacular vistas and calming atmosphere, this fair island is Cebu’s answer to Aklan’s Boracay. Aside from its famed beaches and mangrove-adorned landscape, this island is also a favorite of tourists for its magnificent subterranean and underwater attractions. Unlike Boracay and other famous beaches in the country, Bantayan isn’t constantly full…

Temple of Leah
8 Tips on How to Go to the Temple of Leah

As a symbol of love and unceasing devotion to his wife, Teodorico Adarna thought of building an architectural edifice for his wife, Leah. The Temple is the latest addition to the list of “must see” sights in Cebu; among them are the Taoist Temple, Sirao Flower Farm, TOPS Skyline Garden, Lantaw Native Restaurant, and the Bagacay Lighthouse. What makes the temple unique is its architectural…

malapascua island
Malapascua Island: The Perfect Place for Those Who Love the Sea

While there are many places on earth to enjoy the beautiful sea life that exists below the water, the truth is that many of these destinations are scarred by pollution and other man-made problems that make diving or visiting the beach to be a rather distasteful event. The more popular the tourist location, the more likely it is that you will see the destructive forces…

Cebu to Siquijor
Siquijor May Not Be Well Known But You Will Be Glad You Went

There are many tourist destinations that people are familiar with and go to because of the history and reputation. Places like Rome, Beijing, Paris, Cairo, and Sydney are just a few of the growing number of places around the earth where people travel to each year in hopes of having a vacation experience that will give them memories that will last a lifetime. Unfortunately, in…

Moalboal Cebu Trip: Plan Your Next Trip to Moalboal Cebu

Southeast Asia has quickly become the perfect destination for those who are looking for a fantastic vacation getaway. Places like China have long attracted visitors because of their history, but many other destinations in this region of the world have become a growing attraction for those looking for a sensational getaway. Places like Cambodia, Indonesia, and even Vietnam have become hot spots for those who…

Osmena Peak Cebu Trip: A Place to Get Back to Nature

For those who love to backpack, there are special places on earth that provide majestic scenery, a fantastic region to walk through, and challenging hills that make it something beyond words. For a person who loves the great outdoors, they want to get back to nature and to be able to enjoy what the planet has to offer without having it ruined by man-made intervention….

Bohol from Cebu Travel Guide
Cebu to Bohol Travel Guide: an Opportunity to Enjoy

Each year, millions of people across the globe are looking for a fantastic tourist destination that affords them the opportunity to enjoy beautiful beaches, and incredible climate, and a fantastic place to experience the world and its different cultures to its fullest. Sadly, many people stick with the traditional places that attract millions of people to them. Places like Rome, Beijing, Rio de Janeiro, Moscow,…

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