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Boat Cebu to Surigao: Island-Hopping Adventure

If you think a journey from Cebu to Surigao by boat is just a simple hop across the water, think again. The route holds more surprises than you might anticipate.

From planning your trip to choosing the right ferry company, there’s a lot to consider. Are you prepared for the adventure that awaits?

Key Takeaways

  • Choose between Cokaliong Shipping Lines and Starlite Ferries for a comfortable journey.
  • Book ferry tickets in advance starting at $21.45 to secure preferred seats.
  • Various accommodation options available, ranging from economy to premium cabins.
  • Consider preferences, budget, and comfort when selecting a ferry service for the Cebu to Surigao route.

Ferry Options for Cebu to Surigao

When traveling from Cebu to Surigao, you can choose from several ferry options offering varying amenities and schedules. Booking in advance is crucial, ensuring you secure your tickets and preferred seats for the journey between Cebu and Surigao.

Cokaliong Shipping Lines, a reputable company, offers weekly trips with specific departure days that cater to travelers’ convenience.

Reading reviews and feedback from previous passengers can guide you in selecting the best ferry company for your trip. Some ferry options may provide better onboard facilities, such as dining areas, lounges, or entertainment, enhancing your travel experience. Each ferry service may have its unique selling points, so considering your preferences, budget, and comfort level is essential when making your choice.

Different ferry companies may also offer various prices for tickets, with discounts available for children under 14 years old. It’s advisable to compare prices and amenities before making your booking to ensure a pleasant and comfortable journey from Cebu to Surigao.

Ticket Prices and Schedules

ticket prices and schedules

For travelers embarking on the journey from Cebu to Surigao, gaining insights into the ticket prices and schedules is crucial for planning a seamless ferry trip. Here are some key details to assist you:

  1. Ferry Rate Ranges: Tickets for ferry trips from Cebu to Surigao start at $21.45. Special discounts are available for children under 14 years old, making it an affordable option for families.
  2. Travel Time: The ferry trip from Cebu to Surigao typically takes around 8 hours. Factors such as weather conditions and the type of vessel being used can influence the travel time. It’s advisable to plan for potential variations in the duration of the journey.
  3. Schedule: Ferries between Cebu and Surigao operate 8 times daily, offering flexibility in scheduling for tourists. Booking in advance is recommended to secure preferred departure times and ensure a smoother travel experience.
  4. Choosing the Right Ferry: Consider factors like comfort, onboard amenities, and customer reviews when selecting a ferry company for your trip. Ensuring a comfortable journey is essential for an enjoyable travel experience from Cebu to Surigao.

Tips for a Smooth Journey

Boat Cebu to Surigao featuring a smooth travel advice list

What essential factors should you consider to ensure a smooth journey from Cebu to Surigao by ferry?

When embarking on ferry trips from Cebu to Surigao, booking your ticket in advance is crucial. This secures not only the best prices but also ensures you get your preferred seats. Prioritize comfort and amenities by researching and comparing different ferry companies. Reviews can offer valuable insights into the quality of service provided.

During peak season, be prepared for additional departures to meet the heightened demand for travel between Cebu and Surigao. Arriving promptly at the port is essential to complete ticketing and boarding procedures smoothly. Familiarize yourself with the ferry schedule to plan your journey effectively and maximize your travel time.

Best Companies for the Route

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Cokaliong Shipping Lines and Starlite Ferries stand out as top choices for the Cebu to Surigao ferry route, offering travelers a range of amenities and booking conveniences. When considering your ferry options for this route, here’s what makes these companies stand out:

  1. Vessels: Both Cokaliong Shipping Lines and Starlite Ferries operate medium-sized vessels, ensuring a comfortable journey for passengers.
  2. Trips: Starlite Ferries provides weekly trips between Cebu and Surigao, offering flexibility in travel planning.
  3. Fare Rates: With varying fare rates, travelers can choose the option that best fits their budget and preferences.
  4. Booking: Online booking options provided by both companies make it convenient for passengers to secure their tickets in advance, ensuring a hassle-free experience.

Embark on your journey knowing that discounts are available for students, senior citizens, and children, making Cokaliong Shipping Lines and Starlite Ferries not only reliable choices but also cost-effective ones.

Enjoy the scenic views and amenities offered during your ferry trip, making it a pleasant and memorable travel experience.

:How Can I Plan an Island-Hopping Adventure from Cebu to Surigao?

When planning your island-hopping adventure from Cebu to Surigao, start by booking a domestic flight from Cebu Domestic Airport to Surigao. Research ferry and boat schedules from Surigao to nearby islands for a seamless experience. Pack your bags with essentials and get ready for a thrilling island-hopping escapade.

Accommodation and Booking Information

booking a comfortable stay

Accommodation options on ferries plying the route from Cebu to Surigao encompass a range from economy to premium cabins, catering to diverse traveler preferences and budgets. Booking online is a convenient way to secure a spot on the Cebu to Surigao ferry, with fare rates starting as low as PHP 825.

Different accommodation types are available, including bunk beds for a budget-friendly choice, private cabins for more privacy, and open-air decks for those who prefer a view. It’s advisable to book in advance to guarantee preferred cabin types and seating options.

Whether you opt for an economical bunk bed or a luxurious private cabin, the Cebu to Surigao ferry provides various seating options to accommodate your journey. Plan ahead to ensure a comfortable and enjoyable trip, taking advantage of the diverse accommodation choices available on the ferry to suit your needs and preferences.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Is the Boat From Cebu to Surigao?

To find the cost of the boat from Cebu to Surigao, compare fares from different companies. Consider travel time, accommodation options, weather, local food, sights to see, language differences, safety measures, cultural immersion, and packing needs for an enriching experience.

Is There a Boat From Cebu to Siargao?

When traveling from Cebu to Siargao, enjoy island hopping, surfing paradise, beach hopping, local cuisine, scuba diving, cultural immersion, nightlife scene, adventure activities, hidden gems, and eco-tourism opportunities. Experience a journey rich in exploration and excitement.

What Is the Schedule of Ship From Surigao to Cebu?

When traveling from Surigao to Cebu, you can expect convenient ferry routes departing on Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, and Sunday at 7:00 PM. Ensure to check ticket prices, travel duration, seat availability, and onboard amenities.

What Pier Is Starlite Ferries in Cebu to Surigao?

Starlite Ferries in Cebu to Surigao operates from Pier 1 in Cebu City, a major hub for ferry services. Passengers can easily access it via various transportation modes. Departures are convenient for travelers.


In conclusion, traveling by ferry from Cebu to Surigao offers a scenic and convenient way to cover the distance of 131 miles. With ticket prices starting from $21.45, it’s advisable to book in advance and consider comfort and amenities for a smooth journey.

Popular ferry companies like Cokaliong Shipping Lines and Starlite Ferries provide online booking options and weekly trips between the two destinations, making it a popular choice for travelers.

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