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Cheap Hotels Near Cebu Doctors Hospital: Affordable Stays

Considering a cost-effective stay near Cebu Doctors Hospital? Let’s explore the selection of budget-friendly accommodations within close proximity to this medical facility.

From convenient locations to wallet-friendly rates, our Cheap Hotels Near Cebu Doctors Hospital options offer a blend of affordability and accessibility for visitors seeking a comfortable retreat during their time near the hospital.

Key Takeaways

  • Boarding house rooms and budget-friendly hotels available near Cebu Doctors Hospital
  • Accommodation options starting from $10 per night for economical stays
  • Diverse lodging choices catering to various budgets and preferences
  • Clean, simple, and affordable rooms for visitors seeking cost-effective options

Budget-Friendly Accommodations Options

When seeking budget-friendly accommodation options near Cebu Doctors Hospital, travelers can explore a range of affordable choices to suit their needs. In the vicinity of the hospital, visitors will find various accommodation options catering to different budget ranges. For those looking for the most economical choice, boarding house rooms are available starting at approximately P1,000 per month. These basic rooms provide a no-frills option for those on a tight budget.

However, for a more comfortable stay, decent boarding house rooms can be found in the area for around P3,500 per month. These rooms offer a bit more with respect to amenities and comfort without breaking the bank.

Additionally, budget hotels near Cebu Doctors Hospital provide affordable alternatives for visitors. Mayflower Pension House and McSherry, both located on Pelaez Street, are popular choices for those seeking budget-friendly accommodation. These establishments offer clean and simple rooms at competitive prices, making them convenient options for travelers looking to save on accommodation costs while staying near the hospital.

Whether one prefers the simplicity of boarding house rooms or the convenience of budget hotels, there are plenty of affordable options available near Cebu Doctors Hospital to accommodate various budget ranges.

Affordable Hotels Close to the Hospital

Cheap Hotels Near Cebu Doctors Hospital convenient lodging near hospital

Looking for affordable hotels close to Cebu Doctors Hospital? When it comes to budget-friendly accommodation options near the hospital, there are several modern and cost-effective choices to contemplate. Here are a few affordable hotels that offer comfortable and convenient stays within proximity to Cebu Doctors Hospital:

Hotel NameStarting Price per Night
Peach Haven Hotel$10
Citadines Cebu City$88
Lex Hotel Cebu$62
Midtown Cebu City Condo$45
Avida Towers RialaAffordable

Peach Haven Hotel provides cheap accommodation near Cebu Doctors Hospital, starting at only $10 per night. Citadines Cebu City offers a budget-friendly option just 0.2 miles away from the hospital, with prices starting at $88 per night.

.Lex Hotel Cebu boasts modern air-conditioned rooms close to Cebu Doctors Hospital, starting at $62 per night. Midtown Cebu City Condo provides cost-effective stays near the hospital, with prices starting at $45 per night.

For those looking for affordable options, Avida Towers Riala is a suitable choice. And just 2.7km away from Cebu Doctors University Hospital, Southpole Central Hotel offers convenient accommodations in the heart of Cebu City, with rates starting at $30 per night. Experience comfort and accessibility during your stay with us.

These hotels offer a range of comfortable and affordable stays for visitors seeking convenient accommodation near Cebu Doctors Hospital.

Value-for-Money Lodging Choices

affordable accommodation options

Opting for value-for-money lodging near Cebu Doctors Hospital presents an array of economical yet comfortable accommodation options for visitors. When considering budget-friendly hotels in proximity to the hospital, several choices stand out:

  1. Peach Haven: This option offers budget-friendly accommodation near Cebu Doctors Hospital, with prices starting from $10 per night. It provides a simple yet cozy stay for those looking to save on lodging costs.
  2. Citadines Cebu City: Situated just 0.2 miles away from the hospital, Citadines Cebu City boasts modern rooms and free Wi-Fi. With an impressive 8.9 rating based on 1,310 reviews, this hotel ensures a comfortable and convenient stay for guests.
  3. Lex Hotel Cebu: Offering contemporary rooms with complimentary Wi-Fi access, Lex Hotel Cebu is centrally located in Cebu City. With prices starting at $62 per night, it provides a balance between affordability and comfort for visitors.
  4. Midtown Cebu City Condo: Located 0.2 miles from the hospital, this accommodation option features a fitness room and public bath for guests. With its affordable rates, it caters to those seeking a cost-effective stay without compromising on essential amenities.

These diverse lodging choices near Cebu Doctors Hospital cater to various preferences and budgets, ensuring visitors can find a suitable and value-for-money place to stay while attending to their hospital needs.

Cheap Hotels for Hospital Visitors

affordable lodging near hospitals

In the domain of affordable accommodations near Cebu Doctors Hospital, a plethora of budget-friendly options beckon to hospital visitors seeking economical yet comfortable lodging choices. Peach Haven stands out with rates starting from just $10 per night and a remarkable 9.4 rating based on 191 reviews. For those looking for a bit more amenities, Midtown Cebu City Condo offers a fitness room and public bath near the hospital for around $45 per night, complete with positive guest reviews.

If you prefer a more traditional stay, Mayflower Pension House and McSherry on Pelaez Street provide decent boarding house rooms within a budget-friendly range for hospital visitors. City Pod Hotel near Cebu Doctors Hospital, with its 4.3 rating based on 6 reviews, offers complimentary WiFi and an on-site restaurant for added convenience during your stay.

Additionally, Avida Towers Riala Tower 3 and Eutz Condominium Daily Rental are also great options for visitors seeking affordable accommodation near Cebu Doctors Hospital. Whether you’re in need of a simple room for the night or a place with extra amenities, these choices cater to different preferences while keeping costs in check.

Which Affordable Hotel Near Pier 1 Cebu City is Close to Cebu Doctors Hospital?

Looking for cheap hotels near Pier 1 Cebu City that are close to Cebu Doctors Hospital? Look no further! There are several affordable hotel options within walking distance of Pier 1 and the hospital, making it convenient for those needing accommodation near the medical center.

Economical Stay Options Near Hospital

affordable lodging near hospital

Peach Haven, a highly-rated budget hotel near Cebu Doctors Hospital, offers accommodations starting from just $10 per night, making it an attractive option for cost-conscious visitors.

When looking for economical stay options near the hospital, consider the following:

  1. Citadines Cebu City: With prices starting from $88 per night and an impressive 8.9 rating based on 1,310 reviews, this hotel provides convenience and comfort for visitors.
  2. Lex Hotel Cebu: For modern air-conditioned rooms at affordable rates starting from $62 per night, Lex Hotel Cebu is a great choice for those seeking comfort without breaking the bank.
  3. Midtown Cebu City Condo: Offering a fitness room and public bath, this option starts from $45 per night, providing both relaxation and wellness amenities for guests.
  4. Hop Inn Hotel Cebu: Another budget-friendly option is Hop Inn Hotel, providing straightforward and comfortable stays near Cebu Doctors Hospital, ideal for those looking for a simple yet convenient place to rest.

These economical stay options near Cebu Doctors Hospital cater to various preferences and budgets, ensuring a pleasant and affordable experience for visitors in need of accommodation.


To sum up, when searching for cheap hotels near Cebu Doctors Hospital in Cebu City, there are several budget-friendly options available that offer convenience and affordability.

Whether you choose Peach Haven, Citadines Cebu City, or Lex Hotel Cebu, you can enjoy a comfortable stay without breaking the bank.

These accommodations provide value-for-money lodging choices for visitors seeking proximity to the hospital.

Enjoy your economical stay near Cebu Doctors Hospital with these affordable hotel options.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is the Bed Capacity of Cebu Doctors Hospital?

The bed capacity of Cebu Doctors Hospital is around 600 beds. This capacity plays a crucial role in providing efficient patient care, emergency services, and surgical procedures. The hospital staff, medical facilities, and room availability guarantee high-quality healthcare services.

Is Cebu Doctors a Private Hospital?

Yes, Cebu Doctors Hospital is a private medical institution. It operates independently, relying on patient payments or health insurance for services. The hospital offers a range of medical services, modern facilities, and specialized care to its patients.

Is Cebu Doctors University a Good School?

Cebu Doctors University has a strong academic reputation, modern campus facilities, vibrant student life, highly qualified faculty, and excellent job placement. Tuition fees are competitive, offering diverse extracurricular activities, a robust alumni network, research opportunities, and internship programs.

How Many Students Are at Cebu Doctors University?

As for the number of students at Cebu Doctors University, the campus hosts around 2,000 learners pursuing diverse academic programs. The school emphasizes quality education, practical training, and a vibrant campus community, fostering a rich learning environment.

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