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Cheapest Hotel in Cebu With Breakfast: Budget-Friendly Start

I recently discovered a fascinating statistic regarding the cheapest hotel in Cebu that offers breakfast.

With a budget-friendly price and a high rating, this hotel presents an intriguing option for travelers seeking both affordability and quality.

If you’re interested in saving on accommodation costs while enjoying a complimentary breakfast in Cebu, this Cheapest Hotel in Cebu With Breakfast guide might just lead you to the perfect solution for your next trip.

Key Takeaways

  • Palazzo Pensionne offers the cheapest rates in Cebu with breakfast included.
  • Guests can enjoy a comfortable stay with complimentary breakfast for just $24.
  • Despite its budget-friendly nature, Palazzo Pensionne maintains cleanliness.
  • Highly recommended for travelers seeking a good deal with breakfast included.

Budget-Friendly Hotel Options in Cebu

When searching for budget-friendly hotel options in Cebu, consider Palazzo Pensionne for a cost-effective stay that includes breakfast. Palazzo Pensionne stands out as a value option in Cebu, offering affordable rates without compromising on comfort. With a Good rating of 7.8 out of 10 from 209 reviews, this clean and welcoming hotel provides travelers with a pleasant stay at budget-friendly prices.

One of the highlights of Palazzo Pensionne is the complimentary breakfast included in the room price, making it a convenient choice for those looking to save on dining expenses during their stay in Cebu. For just $24, guests can enjoy a comfortable night at this 2.0-star property from March 19 to March 20, complete with a satisfying morning meal.

Despite being a budget-friendly option, Palazzo Pensionne doesn’t skimp on cleanliness, ensuring that guests have a pleasant and hygienic environment during their stay. While some guests have mentioned its less-than-ideal location, the overall positive feedback and affordable rates make Palazzo Pensionne a top choice for travelers seeking a clean, affordable, and breakfast-inclusive accommodation in Cebu.

Affordable Accommodations With Breakfast Included

Cheapest Hotel in Cebu With Breakfast featuring a budget friendly lodging with breakfast

While exploring budget-friendly hotel options in Cebu, one can find a variety of accommodations that offer breakfast included, catering to travelers seeking affordable stays with added value. Among these options, Cebu R Hotel stands out for providing a comfortable stay with breakfast included. With its convenient location and good ratings, Cebu R Hotel offers affordability without compromising on service quality.

Main Hotel & Suites is another excellent choice for those looking for affordable accommodations with breakfast included in Cebu. Boasting a Very Good rating of 8.4/10 and ranking in the top 10% for cleanliness and service in Cebu, Main Hotel & Suites offers guests a pleasant stay at prices starting at $26.

For travelers interested in a centrally located hotel with breakfast included, Wellcôme Hotel is a great option. With a Good rating of 7.6/10, this hotel is situated near Ayala Mall and House of Lechon, providing easy access to popular attractions in Cebu.

M Citi Suites is known for its friendly staff and complimentary breakfast, making it a top choice for budget-conscious travelers. With a Good rating of 7.4/10, M Citi Suites offers a comfortable stay at an affordable price point.

Another affordable and comfortable stay with breakfast option is Southpole Central Hotel, located in the heart of Cebu City. Enjoy a satisfying breakfast along with comfortable accommodations, providing you with a delightful start to your day during your stay.

Top Picks for Cheapest Hotels in Cebu

budget friendly hotel options in cebu

Among the array of budget-friendly options in Cebu, the top picks for the cheapest hotels offer quality accommodations at affordable rates. Main Hotel & Suites stands out as a 3.0-star property with a Very Good rating of 8.4/10 from 182 reviews, priced at $26 for a specific date. This hotel provides good value for money with comfortable rooms and favorable ratings. Bayfront Hotel Cebu – North Reclamation, a 3.5-star hotel, maintains a Very Good rating of 8.2/10 with 888 reviews, offering consistent quality at $74 per night.

Cebu R Hotel Mabolo, a 3.0-star accommodation, boasts a Very Good rating of 8.0/10 from 305 reviews and is praised for its spacious and comfortable rooms. Palazzo Pensionne, a 2.0-star hotel in Cebu, has a Good rating of 7.8/10 from 209 reviews; however, its location is less favorable, priced at $24 for a specific date.

Lastly, Cebu R Hotel – Capitol, a 3.0-star property, has a Good rating of 7.8/10 from 314 reviews and is highlighted as a good value option for travelers looking for affordable accommodations in Cebu. When seeking the cheapest hotels in Cebu, these options provide a range of prices, locations, and quality ratings to cater to various preferences and budgets.

Cebu Hotels Offering Complimentary Breakfast

cebu hotels free breakfast

Discover the enticing array of Cebu hotels that generously provide complimentary breakfast to enhance your stay. Main Hotel & Suites in Cebu stands out with its complimentary breakfast and an impressive rating of 8.4 out of 10, reflecting excellent cleanliness and service. If you find yourself in the North Reclamation Area, Bayfront Hotel Cebu not only offers free breakfast but also boasts a Very Good rating of 8.2 out of 10 based on 888 reviews, guaranteeing a satisfying start to your day.

For those seeking accommodation at Cebu R Hotel Mabolo, you can enjoy a complimentary breakfast along with spacious and comfortable rooms, all while experiencing a Very Good rating of 8.0 out of 10. Palazzo Pensionne offers a Good rated breakfast experience at 7.8 out of 10, though some guests note its less favorable location. Similarly, Cebu R Hotel – Capitol provides guests with a complimentary breakfast and a Good rating of 7.8 out of 10, offering good value for money for those exploring Cebu.

These Cebu hotels not only cater to your morning meal needs but also guarantee a pleasant stay with their quality services and convenient breakfast options.

What Are the Benefits of Staying in Budget-Friendly Hotels in Cebu with Free Breakfast?

When traveling to Cebu, opting for budget-friendly hotels in Cebu with breakfast included can save you money and time. Enjoying a complimentary breakfast at the hotel allows you to start your day right without worrying about extra expenses. Plus, you can allocate your budget to other memorable experiences in Cebu.

Best Value Hotel Deals in Cebu

affordable hotel deals cebu

To explore the best value hotel deals in Cebu, let’s highlight the top accommodations that offer excellent amenities at affordable prices.

  1. Palazzo Pensionne: This 2.0-star hotel in Cebu boasts a Good rating of 7.8 out of 10 based on 209 reviews. With rates starting at $24, guests can enjoy a stay inclusive of breakfast on March 19 – March 20.
  2. Clean Environment: Despite being a budget-friendly option, Palazzo Pensionne maintains a very clean environment, ensuring guests have a comfortable and hygienic stay.
  3. Value for Money: While the location may not be ideal for some, guests appreciate the excellent value for money that Palazzo Pensionne offers. The budget-conscious traveler will find this hotel to be a cost-effective choice.
  4. Recommended Choice: For those seeking a good deal with breakfast included, Palazzo Pensionne in Cebu is a highly recommended option. It caters to travelers looking to make the most of their budget without compromising on quality or comfort.


To sum up, Main Hotel & Suites in Cebu is the ideal option for budget-conscious travelers seeking a cozy stay with breakfast provided.

With its excellent ratings for cleanliness and service, visitors can relish a trouble-free stay at a cost-effective rate.

Don’t overlook this top selection for the most economical hotel in Cebu with breakfast – reserve your accommodation now and cut down on costs while savoring a complimentary morning meal.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Request a Specific Type of Breakfast at the Cheapest Hotels in Cebu?

I can request a specific type of breakfast at affordable hotels in Cebu. Options may include customizable breakfast, catering to dietary restrictions and breakfast preferences. In-room dining or breakfast delivery may offer local specialties, variety, and accommodate special requests.

Are There Any Hidden Fees or Additional Charges for Breakfast at the Affordable Accommodations in Cebu?

When it comes to breakfast options at affordable accommodations in Cebu, it’s important to inquire about hidden charges, allergen concerns, custom orders, and dietary restrictions. Confirm breakfast hours, room service availability, included amenities, special requests, and breakfast quality.

Do Any of the Budget-Friendly Hotels in Cebu Offer a Breakfast Buffet?

Yes, many budget-friendly hotels in Cebu offer a breakfast buffet with a variety of options. Guests can enjoy different selections, and dietary restrictions are accommodated. Breakfast hours are usually specified, and room service may be available for breakfast preferences.

Are There Vegetarian or Vegan Breakfast Options Available at the Top Picks for Cheapest Hotels in Cebu?

Yes, several budget-friendly hotels in Cebu offer vegan and vegetarian breakfast options. Guests can enjoy a variety of plant-based dishes, catering to different dietary restrictions and breakfast preferences. The morning meals include meat-free options and a diverse breakfast menu.

Are There Any Restrictions on the Complimentary Breakfast Offered at Cebu Hotels, Such as Limited Menu Options or Serving Times?

Breakfast at Cebu hotels varies in dietary restrictions, breakfast hours, room service, options, allergen info, packages, custom orders, quality, variety, and presentation. Menus may have limits; always check for details. Enjoy delicious morning meals!

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