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Hotel Near Ic3 Convention Center Cebu: Best Accommodations

If you’re seeking a hotel near IC3 Convention Center Cebu, several options beckon. From modern comforts to convenient locations, the array of choices may surprise you.

Whether you crave upscale elegance or budget-friendly simplicity, the accommodations nearby cater to various tastes. As you navigate through the details, a perfect stay awaits, promising proximity and comfort like no other.

Key Takeaways

  • Stay at top-rated hotels like Holiday Inn Cebu City and Quest Serviced Residences within walking distance to IC3.
  • Budget-friendly options like Hop Inn Hotel and Cebu Parklane International Hotel offer clean rooms near IC3.
  • Choose accommodations with great access to IC3 like Reddoorz Plus New Era Budget Hotel and Premier Suites.
  • Consider homestays like Quest Serviced Residences and Partridge Guesthouse for comfortable stays near IC3.

Top Hotel Choices Near IC3 Convention Center

When visiting the IC3 Convention Center in Cebu, you’ll find a range of top hotel choices conveniently located just a stone’s throw away.

The Holiday Inn Cebu City stands out with its 4.5/5 rating and a mere 0.47km distance from the convention center. For those seeking spacious condo rooms equipped with kitchen facilities, Quest Serviced Residences, located only 0.5km away, offers a perfect blend of comfort and convenience.

If you prefer clean and quiet rooms at affordable rates, the Hop Inn Hotel Cebu City, also just 0.47km from IC3, is an excellent choice.

Cebu Parklane International Hotel, with its clean rooms and separate kitchen facilities, provides a budget-friendly option starting at $12 and is conveniently located near the IC3 Convention Center.

Lastly, the Royal J Hotel, situated 0.46km away, offers air-conditioned rooms with free WiFi and a restaurant on-site. These top hotel choices ensure a pleasant stay near the IC3 Convention Center without breaking the bank.

Budget-Friendly Accommodations Nearby

Hotel Near Ic3 Convention Center Cebu featuring great value lodging options

For budget-conscious travelers looking for affordable accommodations near the IEC Convention Center in Cebu, options like Hop Inn Hotel Cebu City and Cebu Parklane International Hotel offer clean rooms and basic amenities at wallet-friendly prices.

These Cebu budget-friendly hotels provide a comfortable stay starting from $12 per night, making them ideal choices for those attending events at the IEC Convention Center Cebu IC3. Staypia members can enjoy additional discounts of up to 31% on these accommodations, ensuring even more savings.

With over 17,000 must-see recommendations available, guests can explore the best deals in real-time through Staypia’s comparison feature, guaranteeing the most cost-effective options.

Whether you’re in Cebu for business or leisure, these budget-friendly hotels near the IEC Convention Center offer convenience and affordability without compromising on comfort. Make the most of your stay by choosing one of these recommended accommodations for a pleasant and budget-friendly experience.

Hotels With Great Access to Convention Center

ideal accommodations for convention goers

Nestled within close proximity to the IC3 Convention Center Cebu, hotels like Reddoorz Plus New Era Budget Hotel Mabolo and Royal J Hotel offer guests convenient access just a short distance away.

  1. Reddoorz Plus New Era Budget Hotel Mabolo: Located a mere 0.3 km from the convention center, this hotel provides easy access for attendees.
  2. Premier Suites with Panoramic Views: Enjoy stunning vistas while being just approximately 0.4 km away from the IC3 Convention Center Cebu.
  3. Royal J Hotel: Situated only 0.4 km from the center, this hotel ensures a comfortable and hassle-free stay for guests.
  4. Seda Ayala Center Cebu: Positioned in Cebu Business Park, this hotel is another great option a short 0.4 km distance from the IC3 Convention Center Cebu.
  5. Southpole Central Hotel: Just 3.1 km away from IC3 Convention Center Cebu, Southpole Central Hotel offers convenient and affordable accommodations in the heart of the city. Experience comfort and accessibility during your stay.

These hotels not only offer proximity to the convention center but also provide a range of amenities and services to make your stay in Cebu convenient and enjoyable. Whether you’re in town for business or leisure, these accommodations ensure easy access to the heart of the action.

Homestays and Guest Houses Options

accommodation choices for travelers

If you’re looking for alternative accommodations near the IC3 Convention Center Cebu, consider exploring the inviting options of homestays and guest houses available in the vicinity.

Quest Serviced Residences, just 0.5km from IC3, offers spacious rooms with complete kitchen equipment and buffet options for your convenience.

The Partridge Guesthouse, situated 0.79km away, provides comfortable guestrooms with amenities like free Wi-Fi, a kitchen, and a 24-hour front desk, ensuring a cozy stay.

Best Inn Lahug, located 1.28km from IC3, offers air-conditioned rooms with a shared kitchen, restaurant, and free private parking, along with additional services like bike and car hire.

For those seeking a bit more adventure, Highview IT Park, 1.39km from IC3, features a rooftop pool, garden, and free Wi-Fi, with services like airport transfers and car rentals available.

Evania by J&J and 300Mbps Wi-Fi Avida Riala Studio1 27th FLR IT Park are also excellent homestay options with clean and well-furnished accommodations within walking distance to various amenities.

Enjoy a unique stay near IC3 while still having access to all the necessary comforts and conveniences.

Which Hotel Near Anjo World Cebu Offers the Best Accommodations Near Ic3 Convention Center Cebu?

Looking for a hotel near Anjo World Cebu that offers the best accommodations near IC3 Convention Center Cebu? Look no further than our top-rated hotel near Anjo World Cebu. With luxurious rooms, convenient location, and top-notch amenities, we are the perfect choice for your stay near IC3 Convention Center Cebu.

Reviews of Nearby Hotels

hotel reviews near you

Exploring the reviews of nearby hotels reveals a range of options tailored to suit varying preferences and budgets near the IC3 Convention Center Cebu.

  1. Holiday Inn Cebu City: With a stellar rating of 4.5/5, this hotel offers booking services for city tours, a pool, a bar, and a restaurant serving delicious food.
  2. Quest Serviced Residences: Just 0.5km from IC3, this hotel boasts a rating of 4.2/5. It features spacious condo rooms equipped with kitchen amenities, fast WiFi, and an excellent buffet, ideal for families or groups.
  3. RedDoorz Plus New Era Budget Hotel: Conveniently located 0.33km from IC3, this budget-friendly option has a rating of 3.4/5, providing easy access to various establishments.
  4. Royal J Hotel: Situated 0.46km from IC3, this hotel has a rating of 3.7/5. It offers a restaurant, air-conditioned rooms with free WiFi, flat-screen TV, and a safety deposit box, close to Ayala Center Cebu and SM City Cebu.


In conclusion, when visiting the IC3 Convention Center in Cebu, you have a variety of hotel options to choose from. Whether you’re looking for budget-friendly accommodations, easy access to the convention center, or cozy homestays and guest houses, there’s something for everyone.

With convenient locations, great amenities, and positive guest reviews, you can enjoy a comfortable stay near the event venue. Make your trip to Cebu memorable by choosing the perfect hotel for your needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are There Any Hotels Near IC3 Convention Center That Offer Shuttle Services to and From the Convention Center?

Looking for a hotel near IC3 Convention Center in Cebu that offers shuttle services? Easily access the convention center with convenience and comfort. Explore nearby attractions, enjoy hotel amenities, and simplify your transportation options.

What Dining Options Are Available at the Hotels Near IC3 Convention Center?

For dining options near IC3 Convention Center, indulge in local cuisine or fine dining, enjoy rooftop or poolside bar settings, have room service or buffet breakfast, savor happy hour at a cocktail lounge, and relish outdoor seating with in-room dining available.

Are There Any Hotels Near IC3 Convention Center That Offer Special Discounts or Packages for Convention Attendees?

Looking for hotels near IC3 Convention Center with exclusive discounts? You’re in luck! Some hotels offer VIP packages, group rates, room upgrades, early check-ins, late check-outs, complimentary drinks, spa services, and event spaces. Explore nearby attractions too!

Do Any of the Budget-Friendly Accommodations Nearby Offer Complimentary Breakfast or Other Amenities?

Looking for budget-friendly accommodations near the IC3 Convention Center in Cebu? You’ll be pleased to know that some of these places offer complimentary breakfast, free Wi-Fi, pool access, fitness center, and even room service!

Are There Any Homestays or Guest Houses Near IC3 Convention Center That Offer a Unique Local Experience for Travelers?

Looking for a unique local experience near IC3 Convention Center in Cebu? Stay at homestays or guest houses that offer local cuisine, cultural activities, community tours, traditional crafts, cooking classes, language exchange, historical sites, eco-friendly stays, art workshops, and volunteer opportunities.

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