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Hotels Near up Cebu: Insider Tips Included

Have you ever wondered if finding a comfortable and convenient hotel near the University of the Philippines Cebu is as easy as it seems?

Well, the truth is, with a plethora of options available, selecting the perfect accommodation can sometimes be overwhelming. But fear not, as we are about to unveil some insider tips and recommendations in our Hotels Near up Cebu guide that will make your stay near UP Cebu a truly memorable experience.

Key Takeaways

  • Tsai Hotel and Residences is a top recommendation with a high rating of 9.5.
  • Affordable options like the Southpole Central Hotel. Salinas Suites and OYO 187 The Maxwell Hotel are available.
  • One Central Hotel & Suites is conveniently located just 0.1 miles from UP Cebu.
  • Luxury stays such as Plantation Bay Resort and Spa and Shangri-La Mactan are nearby.

Top Hotel Recommendations Near up Cebu

When exploring hotels near Cebu City, you’ll find top recommendations that cater to different preferences and offer convenient access to key locations in the area.

Tsai Hotel and Residences, located near the University of the Philippines Cebu, stands out with an exceptional rating of 9.5. If you’re looking for a place near the university with great access, Peach Haven is a fantastic choice with a wonderful rating of 9.4. For those seeking accommodations with kitchen facilities and complimentary WiFi near the University of the Philippines Cebu, Apartment Suites by Duros is a perfect fit.

Harolds Evotel Cebu, situated close to the university, features a rooftop restaurant where you can enjoy live band entertainment. On the other hand, Grand Isabella Residences, also near the University of the Philippines Cebu, offers additional amenities like a fitness center and terrace for a well-rounded stay experience.

Whether you prefer a vibrant rooftop setting or relaxing on a terrace, these hotels provide a range of options to enhance your stay near Cebu City.

Affordable Accommodations Near up Cebu

affordable cebu city lodging

Nestled near UP Cebu, discover a selection of budget-friendly accommodations that offer great value for your stay in Cebu City. Whether you’re visiting for business or pleasure, these affordable options ensure a comfortable stay without breaking the bank. Check out the table below for a quick overview of some top picks:

Hotel NameRatingAverage Price/Night
Southpole Central Hotel8.1$20.41
Tsai Hotel and ResidencesN/A$40.01
Salinas SuitesN/A$23.41
OYO 187 The Maxwell Hotel7.8$35.34
Red Planet CebuN/A$48.64
Anika SuitesN/A$37.02

Tsai Hotel and Residences near UP Cebu offers exceptional accommodation at an average price of $40.01 per night. For a more budget-friendly option, the Southpole Central Hotel and Salinas Suites provides excellent lodging between $20.41 to $23.41 per night.

If you’re looking for a good-rated hotel, OYO 187 The Maxwell Hotel near UP Cebu might be the perfect choice with a rating of 7.8 and an average price of $35.34 per night. Explore these affordable accommodations near UP Cebu for a pleasant stay in Cebu City.

Convenient Hotels Near up Cebu

cebu accommodations near airport

Conveniently situated near UP Cebu, a variety of hotels offer easy access to the University of Cebu and key attractions in Cebu City. One Central Hotel & Suites, just 0.1 miles away, provides budget-friendly accommodations with clean rooms, ideal for a quick stay close to the university.

If you prefer to be slightly farther at 0.5 miles, Sampaguita Suites-Plaza Garcia is a convenient option near the Sto. Niño church and Magellan’s Cross. ABC Hotel & Homes, located 0.7 miles from University of Cebu, offers accommodations without specific details available.

For those looking for a place 0.8 miles away, Primeway Suites Cebu is known for its comfortable rooms featuring quick sleep-inducing beds. However, be aware that storage space might be limited, and the internet connection could be slow.

If proximity is your top priority, GV Tower Hotel is the nearest option, providing basic rooms with comfortable beds, reliable WiFi, and an accommodating staff, despite occasional inconsistent cable signal. Enjoy your stay with these quick sleep-inducing beds and clean rooms near the university!

Luxury Stays Near up Cebu

luxurious accommodations in cebu

If you’re seeking a luxurious retreat near UP Cebu, look no further than the highly-rated Plantation Bay Resort and Spa in Lapu-Lapu, a 5.0-star property with a Wonderful rating of 9.0 out of 10. This upscale resort offers a serene ambiance with its lush gardens, stunning pools, and private lagoons, providing guests with a truly indulgent experience.

Besides Plantation Bay, other top luxury stays near UP Cebu include:

  1. Shangri-La Mactan, Cebu: A 5.0-star luxury hotel in Lapu-Lapu rated as Wonderful, scoring 9.2 out of 10, renowned for its world-class amenities and impeccable services.
  2. JPark Island Resort & Waterpark: A lavish option near UP Cebu known for its extravagant waterpark and luxurious accommodations.
  3. Dusit Thani Mactan Cebu Resort: Offers a blend of Thai hospitality and Filipino warmth, ensuring a luxurious stay with a touch of exotic elegance.
  4. Radisson Blu Cebu: Situated in Cebu City, this top luxury hotel is celebrated for its upscale amenities and exceptional services, making it a perfect choice for those seeking a sophisticated stay near UP Cebu.

Budget-Friendly Options Near up Cebu

affordable accommodations in cebu

For budget-conscious travelers seeking affordable stays near UP Cebu, a variety of wallet-friendly options await, offering comfort and convenience without breaking the bank.

If you’re looking for a standout budget option, Peach Haven near University of Cebu comes highly recommended with an impressive 9.4 rating and a bargain price of just $10 per night.

Another excellent choice is the Cebu Backpackers Hostel, boasting a solid 7.9 rating and an inviting rate of $29 per night.

Shejoje Poshtel Hostel is a cozy and well-rated accommodation offering a pleasant stay at around $36.02 per night.

For those willing to stretch the budget slightly, Primeway Suites near UP Cebu provides a good stay at an average price of $46 per night.

If you prefer a more hotel-like experience, One Central Hotel & Suites offers budget-friendly comfort near the University of Cebu at approximately $31 per night.

With these options, you can enjoy a pleasant and affordable stay near UP Cebu without compromising on quality.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which Part of Cebu Is Best to Stay?

For the best stay in Cebu, explore its diverse neighborhoods. From relaxing beaches to vibrant nightlife, delicious local cuisine to hidden gems, each part offers unique cultural experiences. Find eco-friendly and budget-friendly options to suit your preferences.

Is It Worth Staying in Cebu City?

Staying in Cebu City is totally worth it! Immerse yourself in vibrant Cebu nightlife, relax on the best beaches, savor the diverse food scene, indulge in shopping, and explore cultural and historical sites. Enjoy outdoor adventures and use convenient public transportation. Stay safe and travel smart on a budget.

How Do You Get Around Cebu?

To get around Cebu, you can opt for public transportation, motorcycle taxis, walking tours, car rentals, bicycle routes, boat transfers, shuttle services, tourist maps, and tuk-tuk rides. Be mindful of traffic congestion and enjoy exploring!

How Big Is Cebu Philippines?

Cebu province in the Philippines is the 9th most populous, covering around 4,944 square kilometers. It boasts economic growth, diverse culture, historical significance, and vibrant urban areas. The province is known for its tourism impact and environmental sustainability efforts.


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