Where To Stay In Cebu City: Tips on Choosing Your Hotel

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Choosing the right hotel for your trip can be frustrating. Trust me — I’ve been there. I used to spend days looking through my options and ending up with nothing. But, you should know that, with the right advice, the search doesn’t have to be exhausting. I came up with tips on choosing your hotel that can help you find the perfect place in the city of Cebu.

Tips for choosing the right hotel

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It is crucial to research all of the options before selecting the hotel in Cebu City. But, that research can be exhausting for anyone who doesn’t focus on the most important aspects. So, I am here to introduce you to the most significant things every traveler should keep in mind when choosing the perfect accommodation.

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Deciding on the price range

A vital step in the search for the right hotel in Cebu City is setting the price range. Deciding the price range will save up travelers’ time because they will not waste it on looking into places that don’t suit them.

For someone who spends a lot of time in a hotel and appreciates the luxury, splurging on accommodation would be the most satisfying choice. On the other hand, for those who prefer to spend their days outside, and a hotel is just a place to rest before starting a new adventure, it is probably the best to cut back on the accommodation.

So, in order to prevent spending too much time searching for the perfect hotel, or looking into places they can’t afford, travelers need to decide on a budget and stick to it. This way, they will prevent being unsatisfied with what the hotel offers or the amount of money they spent on their trip.

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Looking for the most important amenities

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Everyone has different expectations from the hotel they are staying in. But, while looking through the most common complaints from hotels, there are some amenities that stand out as the most important ones for a comfortable stay of any guest.

I found an article that lists the Holy Grail of amenities. These are the options that every reputable hotel has to offer. The most important amenities are:

  • Air conditioning
  • Wi-Fi
  • Breakfast
  • Parking

So, before travelers decide which hotel to book, they should see if these amenities are offered. In addition, travelers should check reviews or e-mail the hotel to ensure the quality of these options.

For example, a hotel can list that it has a Wi-Fi connection. But, there is a possibility that the Wi-Fi can only be used in the hotel lobby, and that there is no signal it the rooms. The lack of Wi-Fi in rooms can be a big problem for some guests.

Also, a hotel website can state that they have air conditioning. However, while checking reviews, travelers can realize that the air conditioning is very bad or not working at all.

To sum up, it is very important to check if a hotel offers the necessary amenities. In addition, every traveler should verify the quality of those amenities before the decision is made.


Choosing the right room type

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Choosing the right room type is another important decision travelers need to make. There are a lot of people who don’t pay much attention to the size of the room. However, some may feel claustrophobic and uncomfortable if the room is too small.

For those who don’t care about the size or the amenities of the room and are on a tight budget, dormitory rooms would be the best option. On the other hand, those who travel for business will be the most comfortable in business rooms.

I need to mention that the Southpole Central Hotel has both business and dormitory rooms in order to accommodate every visitor.


Double-checking the location

Sometimes, a hotel’s website won’t show the distance between the hotel and the most popular attractions in measuring units like kilometers or miles. In fact, the distance is usually shown in minutes that it would take visitors to reach certain destinations. Showing distance in minutes isn’t very precise, and it could cause problems for travelers.

For example, a hotel’s website stated that there is a fifteen-minute walk from a hotel to the attraction I wanted to visit. But, It actually took me forty-five minutes to reach it, so I was tired before even starting with the sightseeing.

So, in order to avoid wasting time on unplanned activities, it is important to measure the exact distance between the hotel and attractions travelers want to see. I recommend using Google Maps or a similar app.

It will also be useful to check if there are bus or metro stations nearby. In addition, travelers can use online maps to see if there are any restaurants and bars near the hotel.

To sum up, it is crucial to know how long it takes to reach restaurants, shopping malls, attractions, or any other place travelers want to reach from their hotel. Knowing the exact location gives visitors the opportunity to plan their days ahead and make the most of their trip to Cebu City.

 Creating a list of necessary amenities

Quality Business Class Rooms

For those who don’t know what they are looking for in a hotel, the research can be overwhelming. So, everyone should create a short list of amenities that are the most important to them when choosing the right hotel in Cebu City, while keeping my tips in mind. I should mention that I got the idea from this article. Creating a list is very useful and saves up so much time.

Choosing what’s important

Comfortable Rooms

To begin with, travelers should decide what they want from the location. For anyone who appreciates tranquility and is bothered by noise, hotels outside of the city center would be a good option. For those who do not mind the noise and would like to stay in the city center where everything is within reach, then downtown hotels would be a perfect choice.

In addition, some travelers have room interior preferences. I personally don’t pay much attention to it, but for a lot of people, the interior is very important. Some want modern or colorful, while others are more comfortable in plain rooms. So, if the room’s interior is important to you, you should put what you desire on the list.

Another very important option to check out is the food. Many people like to have a nice breakfast before they start their adventures. So, it would be smart to check if the hotel offers it. Also, the reviews will give travelers information about the quality of the breakfast.

In addition, it will be useful to check if the hotel has a restaurant or a bar. If there is a restaurant inside the hotel, visitors would not have to walk too long to get a nice meal or a drink.

If someone travels for business and needs a place for meetings, then they will need a hotel that offers a conference room. Good Wi-Fi connection or laundry service can be very important for some visitors, so these amenities should also be put on a list. I should mention that, in Cebu City, the Southpole Central Hotel is a place where you’ll surely find all these amenities.

To sum up, it is very useful to create a list of things that travelers need from the accommodation. This way, they will avoid spending too much time on unnecessary research.

Knowing where to look

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In order to ensure that they get the most reliable information, visitors should look for the necessary data on trustworthy websites. Sites like Booking.com, Agoda, and TripAdvisor offer travelers all the necessary information about hotel prices and amenities. Travelers will also find honest reviews of previous visitors on these websites.

I recommend visitors to check the latest hotel reviews. Things can change over time, so it is important to make sure that all of the information they receive is up to date.

Reviews help travelers check if the hotel has everything they need. In addition, other useful information can be found while reading reviews. For example, it will be helpful to know that a hotel has one side with a better view or that higher floors are less noisy.

Visitors can check out reviews and amenities of the Southpole Central Hotel on TripAdvisor and Agoda.

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In conclusion

Finding the right hotel doesn’t have to take up a lot of your time. Hopefully, my tips will help everyone figure out what to focus on when searching for the right place.

It is important to decide on the price range right away. This way, travelers will avoid spending hours on checking out hotels that they can’t afford. In addition, visitors should check the hotel’s location on multiple platforms. It is crucial to know how connected the hotel is to the city and to the main attractions.

It is also necessary to know what you need from the hotel. Travelers should decide on the preferred room type and the most needed hotel amenities in order to shorten their search.

After creating a list of the things they need from the accommodation, visitors should check reviews on reliable websites. This way, they will avoid any surprises when they arrive at the hotel.

So, searching for the right hotel doesn’t have to be frustrating. I believe that travelers will find these tips useful and that they will enjoy their search for the perfect accommodation in Cebu City.


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