Bohol from Cebu Travel Guide

19 Tips on How to Get to Bohol From Cebu: An (2018) Expert’s Perspective

Are you planning for a new escapade to Cebu and Bohol? Here’s my travel guide on how to get to Bohol from Cebu and indulge in a wholesome experience!

Cebu is still considered a top destination for many tourists who have visited the country. Whether you want to Visit Osmena Peak or From being a cultural scholar in museums and old heritage tourist spots to being an enthusiastic adventurer in water parks and white-sand beaches, this place is a total package for backpackers and visitors alike

Indeed, Cebu has it all! The place will be stuffed with so many people especially during summer holidays since it’s a top tourist destination when compared to other islands.

Each year, millions of people across the globe are looking for a fantastic tourist destination that affords them the opportunity to enjoy beautiful beaches, and incredible climate, and a fantastic place to experience the world and its different cultures to its fullest. Sadly, many people stick with the traditional places that attract millions of people to them. Places like Rome, Beijing, Rio de Janeiro, Moscow, and the like.

They want the culture and the different kinds of historical monuments that they can find there, they also have to endure large crowds, pollution, and exorbitant costs that come with visiting these places. This is why so many are deciding that alternative locations in Southeast Asia give them a better opportunity to enjoy their vacation to the fullest, at a price that is much more affordable.

No place offers you this kind of excursion at a price that is unbelievably inexpensive like Bohol in the Philippines.

Do you want to escape from that chaos and still experience a summer like no other?


Here are my 10 travel guide tips on how to get to Bohol from Cebu and other useful tips for another unwinding experience that you won’t ever forget.




Our Own Tips:


1. Sail to the island of Bohol


Geographically, Bohol is near to Cebu; so, your first choice would be getting into a boat from Cebu to Bohol.

Like any other island, Bohol has many towns with different seaports wherein you can enter. From Cebu, you can choose to enter in Tagbilaran, the main city of Bohol, or in Tubigon port.

The regular ferry to Tubigon, Bohol takes about two and a half hours. Shipping lines offer a fare of P200 for regular seats and P230 for tourist class seats. After arriving at Tubigon port, you need to ride a van going to Tagbilaran for about an hour for P90.

When you take the other route, shipping lines are offering a 4-hour boat ride to Tagbilaran which costs P660 to P1,090, depending on what seat you choose.

If I were you, I would choose the route to Tagbilaran. Yes, it is quite pricey, but it is actually less hassle.


island of Bohol


2. Speed up to the island of Bohol


Who wants to travel for hours to get to their destination? No one, right? So, my second tip will surely help you get rid of long hours of seating and doing nothing.


Fast ferry shipping lines offer a solution on how to get to Bohol from Cebu. In a matter of an hour or two, you are already in Tubigon, or Tagbilaran, Bohol.

This option is quite pricey since these shipping lines offer faster transportation to Bohol. On top of that, they also provide comfortable seats for you to rest up a bit before your adventures.

When you’re not on a tight budget, I suggest that you take this option. This will surely save a lot of your time and will make room for more adventures when you reach Bohol.




3. Staycation in Panglao, Bohol


This article will not only give you details on how to get to Bohol from Cebu but will also give out some ideas on where you can probably stay for the rest of your staycation.

Panglao, Bohol is the famous place for staycation hotels and rooms. They offer high-end and budget hotels for your family and friends. From the port, you need to ride a bus or a van to Panglao.

If you are traveling in a large group, you can rent a whole van that would take you to Panglao. Also, you can arrange a pickup service from the hotel that you chose.

I would highly recommend Henann Resort Alona Beach in Panglao, Bohol. The rooms are very clean and comfy. The service crews are very entertaining as well. You will also have a buffet breakfast which is already an inclusion in your room package. This is quite pricey since this is a high-end hotel-resort, but I can assure you the best staycation is right here.

When compared to Hennan, Panglao Regents Park is a bit more affordable. This hotel also offers outstanding services, and the staffs are accommodating to the guests. They have a swimming pool outside the hotel and a bistro cafe wherein you can go and chill any time of the day.

You can also save yourself from all these costs by going into dormitels and hostels around Panglao. You can check out many of these online.

I advise you to reserve your hotel rooms beforehand to have discounts and to make sure that you get the rooms you want. Also, make a reservation for service pick-ups from the Tagbilaran/Tubigon port to the hotel where you are staying to avoid delays.


ATV at Bohol


4. Take 214 steps or ride an ATV to Chocolate Hills


When you say Bohol, Chocolate Hills is the first tourist spot that comes to your mind. From Tagbilaran port, you need to go to Carmen to visit this attraction.

I recommend you book a van rental for touring the sites in Bohol. It would be so much easier to go around different places and explore its wonders when you have a car service.

If you’re tight on budget, you do not need to worry since you can opt for a bus ride to Carmen, Bohol to visit the Chocolate Hills.

Upon reaching Carmen, Bohol, you will have two options to see the tourist spot: go all out and take 214 steps to look at the mountains up close or get dirty and rent an ATV ride to see the site.

I personally like adventure, so I would choose to ride the ATV. The experience was indeed amazing as I get to experience such adventure while sightseeing the Chocolate Hills from afar.

However, if you want to take the 214 steps to the top, you would also love the scenic view of the mountain. You can see and appreciate more the structure and the natural color of the mountains. Also, don’t forget to take pictures and a lot of selfies!



5. Float and eat in Loboc River Cruise

Loboc River CruiseAfter a wholesome adventure, you deserve a presumptuous meal. You will never regret trying this Loboc River Cruise for lunch!

The place charges P450 per person. And yes, it is a buffet! You can eat all you want – be it seafood like crabs, shrimps, and fish or meat like pork and chicken. You can also indulge in some fruits and native desserts in the floating restaurant.

You will indeed have a good time eating with your family and friends as you can hear a band serenading all the guests.

The floating restaurant will also stop by in the middle of the river to see a live performance by the locals. In some cases, the dancers will invite some guests to join them and learn the Tinikling dance.

Tinikling is a native dance of Filipinos wherein you use two bamboos to make the beat, and the dancers will have to dance in between those bamboos. Isn’t it amazing?

Other tourists opt to have a dinner buffet here at Loboc River Cruise. Yes, they also serve dinner. Whichever your schedule permits, you can always come and visit this floating restaurant any time of the day.

If you are an adventure savvy, you can also visit Loboc Eco-Tourism Adventure Park and try out their zip line course. From above, you can see the river below you with the site of the waterfalls. It’s just a short ride anyway so you should just go and try.




6. Take photos in the middle of the road


This may sound dangerous, but this is actually a tourist spot in Bohol! The mahogany forest is a human-made attraction wherein mahogany trees filled up the whole place.

Tourists would often go down to this spot and take a lot of pictures and videos in the middle of the road with the Mahogany forest in their background. It would create a good photo.




7. Visit the Tarsiers and take selfies


Kristie Bonifacio
Image Source for Credits:

Before getting back to your hotels, I recommend that you take a stop at the Tarsier Sanctuary. In here, you will be able to see the tarsiers up close.

Bohol. In Corella, Bohol, you can see these small creatures in cages. Be careful not to touch them as they sometimes go wild.

An interesting fact about the tarsiers is that they easily commit suicide. The Tarsiers are tiny primates found in some islands in the Philippines such as are that sensitive animals so do not ever try to anger them.



8. Hopping from island to island


Another day means another adventure! I highly recommend that you reserve a day for island hopping. This activity will be tiring and will take up so much of your time and money, but the fun and excitement will be beyond what you can imagine.

First stop of your island-hopping adventure should be the Virgin Island. Locals call it the Virgin Island because, during high tide, the sandbar will disappear. During low tide, you can see the return of the sandbar, looking new and virginal.

You can visit the sandbar here. Take a lot of pictures and swim around the area. There are also vendors selling exotic food such as the freshly-caught sea urchin. Also, you can opt for other Filipino snacks such as banana-cue and fresh buko juice.

Next stop to your island-hopping experience is the Balicasag Island. In here, you can do snorkeling. You can swim with sea turtles and see different kinds of corals with varying creatures of the sea around you. You can see them up close, and the feeling is just surreal.

My advice to you is that you should know the terms and the itinerary of the island-hopping booking that you reserved. Sometimes, they will charge more than they should for tourists, so you should be keen enough.


Bohol island Hopping


9. The early bird catches dolphins

Well, if you are an early bird, you might be able to witness the dolphins near Balicasag Island. Tour packages will give an early call time, around six in the morning, to make sure that you can catch the dolphins swimming around the area.

I have to say that this experience sometimes depends on luck because there are cases that tourists can never witness the dolphins even if they waited for hours already. Also, the captain of the boat should be an expert to know where the usual spots where tourists can see the dolphins.

If you have the chance to witness this, you sure are lucky to see such a sight. It is a once in a lifetime opportunity, indeed!


dolphins bohol


10. Back to Cebu from Bohol


After all your memories in Bohol from knowing how to get to Bohol from Cebu and all those tourist spots that you visited, you are now ready to go back to Cebu.

You can usually ask your hotel where you stayed to make a booking for pickup service from the hotel to the port. Just like going to Bohol, you just take the same shipping lines to return to Cebu.

If you haven’t witnessed the dolphin show in Balicasag Island, but you really want to try it out, I recommend that you get a ferry ticket from Tagbilaran/Tubigon port to Taloot wharf in Argao, Cebu. The boat departs at 8 in the morning and 4 in the afternoon. But, they also have an optional schedule which leaves at midnight.

The boat would charge you P200 per head. Arriving at Argao port, you can take a bus to Oslob, Cebu and witness the dolphin show there. However, this is just a recommendation for a little side trip to your Bohol experience.


Other Tourist Spot Recommendations


Butterfly sanctuary in Bilar town

If you can make more time for you Bohol trip, you can also drop by the Butterfly sanctuary in Bilar town, Bohol. In here, you will be able to see 200 species of butterflies. For only P20, you will be able to tour the whole garden and observe the step-by-step life cycle of the butterflies from the egg to an adult butterfly.

You can also visit the famous Hinagdanan Cave in Panglao, Bohol. You wouldn’t have a hard time entering the cave since the locals provided a staircase for the tourists and other guests.

There is also a lagoon in there wherein you can go swimming. You will observe that the waters in the lagoon seem green. This is because of the presence of the limestones under the waters of the small lagoon. Pretty interesting, right?

You can also include church hopping in your itinerary to Bohol. You can visit the Loboc Church and Baclayon Church. These two churches are ancient already, and when an earthquake hit Bohol last 2013, these churches incurred damages. Although repairs are still ongoing, you can always go and see the structure of these churches.  



Have You Heard About the Bohol Bee Farm?

Bohol Bee FarmBohol Bee Farm is another attraction that you shouldn’t miss in Panglao, Bohol. Bohol Bee Farm is a privately-owned hotel, but it is more famous for its restaurant and its bee farm.



I can entirely say that their food is satisfying. They serve various kinds and different styles of dishes such as pork, chicken, seafood, and many more. They serve squash bread with different spreads, which are products of their farm, as a complementary food.

When you explore the whole place, you can see the Buzz Café which serves unique flavors of ice cream such as malunggay, mango, avocado, buko, pandan, durian, choco, ube, and spicy ginger. At their bakery, they serve different bread varieties such as the squash bread and camote bread. They also make their own spreads, such as mango and pesto spreads.

You can also tour the place and witness how they extract honey from the bees. You will have an encounter with the bees in here, so better be careful as you might get stung.


Do You Want More Adventures? Visit Danao!

If the diving and swimming in Panglao are still not enough for you, you can visit Danao Adventure Park in Bohol. There, you can experience many things such as caving, river tubing, rappel with root climbing, zip lining, camping, and a village tour.

These activities will surely bring out the adventure savvy in you! Of course, these will incur corresponding rates. So, if you’re planning to experience these adventures, better plan out your itinerary first.

It would be easy to go to Danao Adventure Park if you hire a car service for your group. But in case you want to ride a bus, take the bus to Danao from Dao Terminal in Tagbilaran City.

A Little help from Local Travelers and from the people who have already visited Bohol!


We have some great insights from reputable travelers! We have formulated the most commonly asked question for those who want to travel to Bohol.  Please Enjoy and Thank our Contributors!

Top 3 Commonly Ask about Bohol Trips:

  • Best Tips that you can share when visiting Bohol from Cebu City?
  • Best Places to visit in Bohol (Please explain why this place)
  • Best Guide that you can share for people who are traveling from Cebu City to Bohol



#1 Ruben Arribas





  • If you’re going to Bohol from Cebu, you just need to ride a fast ferry. A one way trip aboard an Ocean Jet ferry costs around 500 PHP while a round trip ticket goes for 800 PHP which is around $10 and $15 USD, respectively. Other reliable companies you can choose from your island to island trip are FastCat and Weesam Express. The trip takes approximately 2 hours but fast ferries are very comfy and sometimes have a deck to walk around and enjoy the scenery on.



  • A trip to Bohol would not be complete without a visit to the iconic Chocolate Hills. Another must see in Bohol is the Loboc River where you can go ziplining for less than $7 USD. You can also go sailing on the river itself and have lunch on the boat for around $9 USD. The river is surrounded by a lush forest and is a beautiful, authentic experience overall. We also loved our day tour of Panglao island for $6 USD where we just relaxed, drank coconut juice (straight from the husk!), went kayaking, explored the cliffs and beaches, and watched the sunset.



  • Before we decide on a trip, we usually go on Instagram to check photos of the destination. It’s always nice to know a place through another’s lens and the photos make us excited to go to that location. Instagram photos let us know where the best spots to eat and take photos on are. Travel websites by other bloggers are also very helpful, that’s why we try to make our own blog a comprehensive guide for other travelers, too. You can usually build your own travel itinerary based on these posts and they let you know what to expect, how much to bring and what to be careful of.




#2. Victoria Philpott





  • Make sure you leave plenty of time for your ferry and any connecting travel plans – the weather here can mean delays and I’d hate for it to ruin your travel plans.



  • My favorite place in Bohol was the Chocolate Hills. I’d wanted to visit them for years, ever since my first time in the Philippines. I was staying in Panglao and rented a moped to go up there. I loved the journey through the man-made a forest, and then biking up to the top was just an incredible sight to see. “



  • Make sure to eat at the Tokyo Road House on the way up to the Chocolate Hills, it was the best meal I had in my two weeks in the Philippines.




#3. Philippa Langrish



If you are traveling at peak times make sure you book ahead for snorkeling trips to Balicasag Island. The Island is protected so only a certain number of tourists are aloud to snorkel there each day. Its a great place to spot turtles and tropical fish. If you are planning a land tour instead of heading to the view point take a trip to CHAP adventure park where you get a great view of the chocolate hills whilst also enjoying forest hikes, tree climbing and even a scary bicycle ride suspended on a wire which takes you over the tree tops.



We love the snorkeling on Balicasag Island, for the turtles and stunning coral. A visit to the Bohol Bee Farm is worth a trip to learn about bees, traditional weaving practices and enjoy a feast of local products. Its also the best place to get original souvenirs and gifts. A trip to Bohol is not complete without a visit to the Tarsier Sanctuary to see these cute critters. Shhhh dont make any noise though as these nocturnal creatures are very sensitive to daytime noise.

#4. Myryame




  • We took a ferry from Cebu to Tagbilaran and then we had to hire a cheap tuk-tuk like taxi to get to Panglao, the smaller island south of Bohol as we were staying on Alona Beach. I would simply say, be patient, I remember waiting a long time before we could get on a boat – which was packed with people. Have nuts and dried fruits with you to snack on the way!



  • Definitely Alona Beach, whether you want to snorkel, dive, try kite surf or simply lay on the beach and have the best sunset ever… that’s the place! Otherwise, on the island of Bohol, the tarsier’s sanctuary is lovely and fascinating and the so-called “Chocolate Hills” will make you feel like you’re in a Mario Bros game! 🙂 Plus, get a scooter if you can, the ride is amazing!



  • Best advice: bring proper rain gear and a dry-pack bag if you are touring around Bohol and Panglao on a scooter cause in Novembre, I saw unpredictable weather change and heavy – but HEAVY – rains and it’s the only time in my life I was so glad that plastic bags exist!

#5. Gretchen Gatan




  • Pack light, clean as you go, and bring sunblock!



  • Panglao. It felt like a mini Boracay with clean, white sand and a very relaxed environment.



  • Don’t be afraid to ask the locals! They’re all very friendly and accommodating. We enjoyed hearing their stories.


#6. Bino Chua




  •  I went to Bohol from Manila, not Cebu so I don’t have a tip.


  • Chocolate Hills – the view of a multitude of mounds extending into the horizon is simply magical and unlike any other landscape in the world



  • I went to Bohol from Manila, not Cebu so I don’t have a tip.

  • #7. Sebastian

  • Seb




  • Yes, just take the ferry – that’s the most convenient way to commute.



  • Chocolate Hills, Firefly kayaking, and mangrove forest!



#8. Jonny Blair




  • Head to the more remote Panglao Island and enjoy cocktails on the beach for sunset, go looking for dolphins in the morning and go snorkeling with the fish near Balicasag Island.


  • Panglao Island – very remote, less touristic and full of relaxation and calm.



  • Get the ferry across and take some food and drinks with you for the ride.

#9. Ralph Lim




  • Try the Cebu-Tubigon route of Lite Ferry 88
  • Stay at least two nights
  • Don’t forget your sunblock


  • Panglao for its serene beaches and relaxing views
  • Loboc river for its calm and laid-back vibe
  • And for its secluded beaches



So There you go! The 9 People that who contributed to this roundup is superb! Until next time! Please don’t forget to book with us! Here at Southpole Central Hotel, We are located at Junquera Kamagayan Cebu City. As what we promise, We are a Hotel in Downtown Cebu City that offers quality comfort and superior service at its best!


Shall We continue?



You Should Come to Bohol

Should Come to Bohol

You can go online or to a local bookstore and find information as a Cebu to Bohol travel guide, telling you about all of the great spots you can visit in this country and why Bohol is the perfect destination for you. It is true that this is not difficult for you to locate. However, if you are looking for Bohol travel tips that will show you some of the reasons why you want to come to this incredible region, then here’s some information you definitely want to know.

If you have never visited this part of the world, Bohol offers the four things that anyone would love about a vacation. It starts with fantastic historical locations for you to visit, the incredible natural beauty that is second to none, fantastic shops to be able to visit, and a relaxing environment that gives you some of the most pristine beaches you will find anywhere on earth. It’s the perfect quartet of activities and sites that make this so that you could spend months visiting this region and never get tired of staying there for one moment.

Where is Bohol, Philippines?

Where is Bohol Philippines

This may be an entirely new idea for you and may have you a little leery about whether this is the place you want to go to. To alleviate your fear concerns, a little information is in order. Bohol is an island that is located in the Central Visayas region of the Philippines. It is really in about the center of this group of islands and is surrounded by three of the larger islands of the Philippines, giving you protection from strong currents, as well as keeping more predatory kinds of sea life away.

How to go to Bohol from Cebu?

Bohol from Cebu

While there are a few different ways that you can get to Bohol, one of the most common is by coming through the Cebu City airport. Once you land, you take a short ferry ride to the island, which lasts between an hour and two hours. The cost of this very ride is less than eight dollars and gives you the opportunity to enjoy the Philippines’ beauty as you travel across the waters to reach your final destination. It truly is a spectacular view that will give you incredible enjoyment, plus giving you a small taste of the days of enjoyment you are about to experience.


Best Places to be in Bohol?

Best Places to be in Bohol

While there are many great places to visit within Bohol, one that you surely do not want to miss is the Tarsier Conservation Center. This destination will show you some of the most peculiar and beautiful wildlife that the planet has to offer. This Conservation Center has helped to protect many threatened animals across the region and is a spot you simply don’t want to miss.


Best Budget when going to Bohol?

When you come to Bohol, there are several different tours that you can join, which will give you the perfect experience depending upon what you would like to see. For example, the Country Side Tour allows you to see such things as the Hanging Bridge, the Python Sanctuary, the Butterfly Garden, the Chocolate Hills, and so much more. The Firefly Tour gives you a fantastic dinner while you travel up the Loboc River. The Panglao Island Tour takes you to the Hinagdanan Cave, The Dauis Church, and the Sea Shell Museum, plus a great deal more.

Bohol Budget

It honestly doesn’t matter which tour to get yourself on, you will see sites that are beyond words. They are all geared to give you incredible views of the natural beauty of the Philippines, while also showing you some of the most important historical sites within the region.


Final Travel Tips Only for You

If you’re planning a trip to Bohol, it is best that you read to know everything about your itinerary. Plan your trip ahead of time so that you can still adjust.

Also, make a reservation for your hotels or hostels. Look for an accommodation that would match your preference and your budget.

Moreover, plan out your adventures. Identify the places that you really want to go. What I meant for this is that you prioritize those activities that you love.

Lastly, enjoy and have fun! I hope this travel guide on how to get to Bohol from Cebu and my special tips can help you have a memorable vacation in Bohol.

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