Each year, millions of people across the globe are looking for a fantastic tourist destination that affords them the opportunity to enjoy beautiful beaches, and incredible climate, and a fantastic place to experience the world and its different cultures to its fullest. Sadly, many people stick with the traditional places that attract millions of people to them. Places like Rome, Beijing, Rio de Janeiro, Moscow, and the like.

They want the culture and the different kinds of historical monuments that they can find there, they also have to endure large crowds, pollution, and exorbitant costs that come with visiting these places. This is why so many are deciding that alternative locations in Southeast Asia give them a better opportunity to enjoy their vacation to the fullest, at a price that is much more affordable. No place offers you this kind of excursion at a price that is unbelievably inexpensive like Bohol in the Philippines.

You Should Come to Bohol

Should Come to Bohol

You can go online or to a local bookstore and find information as a Cebu to Bohol travel guide, telling you about all of the great spots you can visit in this country and why Bohol is the perfect destination for you. It is true that this is not difficult for you to locate. However, if you are looking for Bohol travel tips that will show you some of the reasons why you want to come to this incredible region, then here’s some information you definitely want to know.

If you have never visited this part of the world, Bohol offers the four things that anyone would love about a vacation. It starts with fantastic historical locations for you to visit, the incredible natural beauty that is second to none, fantastic shops to be able to visit, and a relaxing environment that gives you some of the most pristine beaches you will find anywhere on earth. It’s the perfect quartet of activities and sites that make this so that you could spend months visiting this region and never get tired of staying there for one moment.

Where is Bohol, Philippines?

Where is Bohol Philippines

This may be an entirely new idea for you and may have you a little leery about whether this is the place you want to go to. To alleviate your fear concerns, a little information is in order. Bohol is an island that is located in the Central Visayas region of the Philippines. It is really in about the center of this group of islands and is surrounded by three of the larger islands of the Philippines, giving you protection from strong currents, as well as keeping more predatory kinds of sea life away.

How to go to Bohol from Cebu?

Bohol from Cebu

While there are a few different ways that you can get to Bohol, one of the most common is by coming through the Cebu City airport. Once you land, you take a short ferry ride to the island, which lasts between an hour and two hours. The cost of this very ride is less than eight dollars and gives you the opportunity to enjoy the Philippines’ beauty as you travel across the waters to reach your final destination. It truly is a spectacular view that will give you incredible enjoyment, plus giving you a small taste of the days of enjoyment you are about to experience.

Best Places to be in Bohol?

Best Places to be in Bohol

While there are many great places to visit within Bohol, one that you surely do not want to miss is the Tarsier Conservation Center. This destination will show you some of the most peculiar and beautiful wildlife that the planet has to offer. This Conservation Center has helped to protect many threatened animals across the region and is a spot you simply don’t want to miss.

Best Budget when going to Bohol?

When you come to Bohol, there are several different tours that you can join, which will give you the perfect experience depending upon what you would like to see. For example, the Country Side Tour allows you to see such things as the Hanging Bridge, the Python Sanctuary, the Butterfly Garden, the Chocolate Hills, and so much more. The Firefly Tour gives you a fantastic dinner while you travel up the Loboc River. The Panglao Island Tour takes you to the Hinagdanan Cave, The Dauis Church, and the Sea Shell Museum, plus a great deal more.

Bohol Budget

It honestly doesn’t matter which tour to get yourself on, you will see sites that are beyond words. They are all geared to give you incredible views of the natural beauty of the Philippines, while also showing you some of the most important historical sites within the region.