Moalboal Cebu Trip: Plan Your Next Trip to Moalboal Cebu

Southeast Asia has quickly become the perfect destination for those who are looking for a fantastic vacation getaway. Places like China have long attracted visitors because of their history, but many other destinations in this region of the world have become a growing attraction for those looking for a sensational getaway.

Places like Cambodia, Indonesia, or going to Siquijor from Cebu City and even Vietnam have become hot spots for those who want to find an exotic place to visit, which has fantastic beaches, a wonderful climate, and a relatively inexpensive price.

One such destination is a fantastic vacation getaway in the Philippines. A place where you will find some of the most pristine and beautiful beaches imaginable, and a climate the promises you warm temperatures virtually year-round.

A place where you can find amazing gifts for an unbelievably low price, and enjoy activities will give you memories to last a lifetime. That place is Moalboal, Cebu.

A Little About This Fantastic Place

Incredible School of Sardines Moalboal

Moalboal is a small city in the southern region of Cebu. What makes it such a fantastic place is that it has some of the cleanest and most beautiful beaches you will find anywhere on the globe, and has sealife that will really captivate you and make you loving every moment that you spend in the city.

Two beach areas that you will find unbelievably attractive are Panagsama and White Beach, each of which has fantastic hotels, nightlife, and restaurants that make it one of the most unbelievable places to visit. Even if you are not staying in a hotel along the beach, there are great hotels located all around the area, and a fantastic transportation system that can get you anywhere you want to go.

Around the beach area, you can enjoy a plethora of fantastic activities there is snorkeling, fishing, and swimming, activities that will keep you truly enjoying each day that you spend in the area. If you don’t know how to snorkel or deep-sea dive, there are trainers available to help you learn so that you can enjoy Moalboal and its beaches from under the water. It’s like no experience you will ever see anywhere else.

Is Moalboal Cebu diving safe?

Moalboal Cebu

Here you will find the Tuble Marine Sanctuary, which is one of the most incredible places to go for diving. There are shallow waters here you will see exotic fish, and some of the most colorful coral that the world has to offer. It will really captivate you, and you will love the amazing photographs that you can take of this area.

The best part about diving in this region is that it provides you with fantastic sites to see, but the safe while you are out on the waters. There really is no danger from the sea life around you, and there are trained professionals available during daylight hours to assist you if you have any kind of emergency.

Moalboal Diving Site

What are Moalboal must see places?

The beaches are not the only thing to see in this area, however. There are also fantastic natural sites, such as waterfalls, canyons, and caves. You can also enjoy a three-hour hiking venture through the canyons, which starts in Matutinao and ends near the Kawasan Falls. Here you will see the amazing fauna and flora that this beautiful city of the Philippines has to offer.

There are also fantastic shops where you can find amazing items to purchase. Some of the structures in this area date back hundreds of years, and provide you with some historical insight into the Philippines as a whole. The Moalboal Church is a beautiful structure, which will truly leave you amazed at how wonderfully it fits into the landscape of the city, as does the Moalboal Municipal Hall.

How to get to Moalboal from Cebu airport?

Getting to this area from the Cebu airport is really a snap. There are buses that leave from the terminals every day, providing you with three-hour ride to the city, dropping you off directly in front of the City Hall.

Moalboal from Cebu airport

The cost for riding the bus is only about $2.50, making it an unbelievably discounted cost for the ride. On your way, you will see unbelievable sites, fantastic views of the country, and will really get a feel for how fantastic the Philippines is.

If you spend any time looking at a Moalboal travel guide, you will see that this is a spot you really want to make as your next vacation getaway. It will give you unbelievable sites and memories that you will cherish for years to come.


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